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Professional, diligent and cost effective. We build modern websites to boost your online image, converting traffic into customers.

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Need a robust CRM for your business or simply have a cool idea for mobile application? We know no boundaries.

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Take your website to the next level with professional video & photography. We help to realise and actualise your vision.

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We are experts in SEO with proven results to show. Ranking well on search engines is not something to be underestimated.

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Beautiful Website Design Melbourne

Why Choose One Studio?

Why is One Studio the best in website design for Melbourne businesses?

You could say it’s our five years of experience in the industry, experience which has seen us work with a diverse range of professional clients, or you could cite the fact that we specialize in designing with today’s most SEO-friendly platform, WordPress. But truly, what makes One Studio the best website designers Melbourne has to offer is the fact that at One Studio, we know your website is more than just an adjunct to your business: It’s the face of your brand and the primary channel through which potential customers will “meet” you. Nothing less than perfection will do.

What’s Included?

Our web designers at One Studio web design understand that hiring a freelance web developer is a daunting process, so allow us to simplify it for you by giving you a comprehensive outline of the web design and development services we offer:


Flawlessly clean and professional bespoke designs. Whatever you have in mind, our web developers and designers will bring it to life.

An interactive design and development process. If you’re looking for a one-on-one website designer Melbourne’s finest are here to serve you: Our designers will actively work with you, helping you to choose the theme that’s right for your business and then customizing it to your exact specifications.

A complete suite of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. Forget about having to hire on an additional SEO wizard; our web developers have dedicated countless hours to learning how to optimize WordPress’s impressive SEO capabilities. From the moment your site launches, it will be 100 percent ready to accumulate organic traffic.

All the marketing services your business needs to compete in today’s competitive online marketplace. At One Studio we know that modern businesses need more than just web development services—they need social media accounts, too, in order to effectively engage a larger audience. Fortunately, this is another area we specialize in: We’ll set you up with all the accounts you need and get you started using them. We’ll even manage your customer database, mailing list, and Newsletter.

The promise of safety and security. We’ll schedule regular backups of your website and protect it with a powerful website security application so that you never have to worry about your data going missing.

Everything your customers need for a seamless shopping experience. WordPress is the most powerful eCommerce platform currently available, and each of our website designs can be customized to include a fully functional shopping cart and whatever order booking forms your business requires.

The knowledge you need to take control of your website. At One Studio we know that web designing is an ongoing process—and the long-term maintenance costs we’ve seen other web designers charge can really add up. We, on the other hand, take the time to save you money by teaching you how to update each and every website we build for you; once you’re done with us, you’ll be ready to go.


Showcase of our Work

Have a browse of our portfolio.

image3-bookClient Details

Business Name: Bodyline Health

Website Launch: November 2013

Honestly I’m wrapped you helped push me to do the website – it is so much better than it was and it is ranking much better that the old one so I’m happy. And I’ll still do more in the future anyway as things change. You have shown me the importance of that.

Thanks. Phillip (CEO ~ Bodyline Health)


Bodyline Health were not sure if SEO would be beneficial to their website as traditionally people find health practitioners through word of mouth. With the creation of a new website by One Studio back in October 2014 Bodyline Health decided to give SEO a try, 6 months later you could not ask for better results. As Bodyline Health is a health clinic there are many different areas to target however we chose osteopathy, physiotherapy and chiropractic for all surrounding suburbs to Lower Plenty.

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image3-bookClient Details

Business Name: Juice Junction
Healthy Eating

Website Launch: November 2014

Extremely pleased with our website. It was a pleasure working with you guys….your advice was invaluable, and all our requests were thoroughly and promptly fulfilled. We will highly recommend your services.

Juice Junction

juice junction

Juice Junction came to One Studio Web Design as a new startup business with a strong vision for their online marketing brand. They wanted to build an online store to sell their home delivered cold pressed juice products, and with a small marketing budget wanting to build a well presented website and presence on Google. After a short time they are now ranking near the top of page 1 for such industry related words as juice cleanse melbourne, juice cleanse delivery melbourne and cold pressed juice delivery melbourne.

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image3-bookClient Details

Business Name: Nitrolift
Industry: Car
Website Launch: May 2016
Web Address:


Nitrolift have been in business for over 25 years producing struts primarily for car bonnets and boots, however also for things such as caravan doors, office chairs and more. Under the previous name of Gas Strut Recharge, the company quickly grew to over 21 franchises Australia wide and thus has had a successful time in the car struts industry. Adapting to changes in the way we shop Nitrolift began selling their struts on Ebay and this soon became their main method to sell struts online. With the increase of Ebay fees over the years Nitrolift wanted to build their own online store where they can sell direct and offer more competitive rates. Within

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image3-bookClient Details

Business Name: Water Bottles To Go
Industry: Healthy Eating
Website Launch: October 2015
Web Address:

Water Bottles To Go are a sub division of the world wide water bottle product Water To Go. It is special water bottle that purifies water removing such toxins as chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and bacteria. They needed to create their own identity for their distribution in Australia and came to One Studio for their solution. We helped build an online store and email marketing campaign that has helped them become an established supplier in Australia for the Water To Go brand.

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image3-bookClient Details

Business Name: Sunwide Australia
Bubble Tea

Website Launch: September 2015

The service that One Studio has provided will be what we are looking for in the future. Speed, quality, easy of communication and full of value.

Sunwide Australia


Sunwide Australia are a bubble teas supplier in Australia. Bubble tea in case you don’t know is a popular Asian tea drink that can be mixed up with many different fruit flavours and combinations. It has been growing in popularity in Australia over the last 5 years with many new stores popping up all the time. Prior to approaching One Studio, Sunwide had a very basic website and took all of their orders online. Within two months of launching their new website with us Sunwide generated more in sales revenue than the cost of the site itself. They are currently ranking top 3 ranking page 1 positions for a broad range of keywords including bubble tea supplies Melbourne, bubble tea Ausralia, bubble tea supply and more.

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image3-bookClient Details

Business Name: Event Master Pro

Website Launch: April 2014

We had a major project developed by One Studio which was more than just a website. One Studio helped us develop an online software as a service (SAAS) application and front end website. It was a lengthy project but we are thrilled with the final result, thanks guys.

Event Master Pro


Event Master Pro is a CRM application for mobile DJs to run their DJ business. It was over 3000 hours of development and provides a comprehensive solution for mobile DJs to take care of every aspect of their business. This is a business that can now make monthly residual income. Event Master Pro also had the front end of their website also created by us and this also includes the entire online marketing funnel and email marketing campaign.

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